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Hiring a Sex Crime Lawyer for Your Case

Of all the offenses one can commit, none is as damaging to your reputation as a charge involving a sexual offense. Prosecutors will pursue these types of offenses aggressively. There are cases where the charge has been brought falsely against a person, and it takes a well-seasoned sex crime lawyer to bring lack of credibility to the charge.

Once you are charged with a crime of a sexual nature, the charges are often difficult to overcome. However, it is not impossible.

In a case involving sexual abuse or a sex crime charge, your first move should be to obtain the best sex offender attorney you can find. You want your lawyer to have the expertise to know every aspect of the law where it involves sex crimes. Without highly competent legal representation, you could end up paying for this type of crime for the rest of your life.

What is Considered a Sex Crime

in Florida?

Florida sex crimes carry serious penalties. The different types of sex crimes in Florida include:
  • Sexual Battery: Engaging in sexual acts without the consent of the victim, including rape, date rape, and underage sexual contact with a minor.
  • Lewd and Lascivious Offenses: Includes molestation, in the presence of a child, lewd conduct, indecent exposure, sexting over the computer
  • Prostitution: In Florida, prostitution is a criminal act.
  • Child Pornography: Possessing, distributing, and viewing child pornography.
  • Sexual Misconduct: These involve sexual interactions with a patient, disabled persons, inmates, or others who are incarcerated.

    There can be many reasons that a false sex charge is brought against an individual. There may be a custody dispute, where one parent brings a false charge of a sexual nature against the other, or even some sort of monetary gain.

    These charges are never easy to defend, and you want someone who is not afraid to aggressively speak out on your behalf against these sexual charges. Jay Patel has many years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and understands the workings of the criminal justice system. He understands that even if a person is falsely accused, they still face harmful stereotyping as well as potentially challenging day-to-day interactions with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

    When it comes to the gravity of sexual crimes or sexual abuse, Jay Patel knows what to look for, what defenses to use, and how to affect the best outcome for you. He is highly trained in developing relationships with complainants and witnesses. This often leads to information being obtained which other sex crime lawyers might not uncover.

    Penalties for Sex Crimes in Florida

    Sex crimes are either misdemeanors or felonies. All penalties are tied to the law violated and to the nature of the offense. It is expected that the prosecutors will ask for incarceration, sex offender probation, GPS monitors, and limitations on electronic and computer access.

    Any individual convicted of a certain sex crime in Florida will be required to register as a sex offender. Anyone subject to this requirement must provide their local law enforcement agency with their personal identifying information, which is recorded in the sex offender registry. The seriousness of such a crime is reason number one that you want to retain the very best sex crime attorney for charges made against you.

    Information on the sex offender registry is made available to the public, and in today’s society, shared on social media platforms. Community members often make negative judgements against such people, and there is a stigma that goes along with being on such a registry. Trying to rebuild a life after this can be very challenging. Finding employment or providing for a family can become very difficult. Having an experienced sex abuse defense attorney at your side can help you avoid all of this.

    Child Abuse and Child Neglect

    If a sex crime charge is a serious offense, so too is the abuse or neglect of a child. This carries with it the same negativity as sex crimes and is often very difficult to transcend. A highly-skilled child abuse lawyer will know exactly what to do for your individual case.

    Occasionally, a child abuse charge is brought falsely or greatly exaggerated, and you need the expertise of someone like Jay Patel to put things right again for you. An experienced child abuse lawyer will argue skillfully on your behalf, which can make all the difference during a trial.

    Child abuse lawyers always have the best interests of their clients in mind. Understanding the psychological state of the child involved is also a great priority. As a criminal defense attorney, Jay Patel knows how important it is to represent you fairly during a trial, while treating the child in a way that does not cause more damage.

    Most cases of child abuse involve defendants and children who are related in some way. Bringing charges of this nature, even if they prove to be false, can leave a lasting impression on the child. A highly qualified child abuse attorney works with what they are given and will uphold your rights.

    Call Today for an Experienced Sex Offender Lawyer

    A personalized strategy must be developed between an attorney and his or her client. Jay Patel will build a relationship with you and build your defense right away. He will stand by your side throughout the process and serve as a zealous advocate on your behalf. Call today and start on your defense now.

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