Juvenile Defense Attorney

How a Juvenile Defense Lawyer Can Help Your Child

Being accused of a crime can be devastating. This is especially true if that crime is reportedly committed by a juvenile. Just the arrest itself can jeopardize a young person’s educational opportunities and have a serious impact on future careers. There may come a time when your child will find themselves in trouble with the law that they never saw coming. This is when you will need the expertise that a juvenile defense lawyer brings to the table.

It is the job of the prosecutor to not go easy on juvenile offenders. Juvenile charges can often result in a delinquency record. Your child can even find themselves in a detention facility. No parent wants to see their child being placed into such a situation.

Defense Attorney for Juveniles in Okaloosa County

The Florida Juvenile Justice System was originally created to rehabilitate children, not punish them. It can still be scary for parents and their children, especially when unfamiliar with how the law works or how it can work for you.

If your son or daughter has been arrested, it is important to hire an experienced juvenile defense attorney so that your child is not affected in a negative way for the rest of his or her life. It is important that your child understands that they should not talk to a law enforcement officer about a crime they are being accused of until they have consulted with an attorney.

If serious allegations have been brought against your child, you may not know where to turn. This is why it is vitally important to have an experienced juvenile defense attorney such as Jay Patel on your side fighting for the rights of your son or daughter.

    Juvenile Delinquency in Florida

    In the state of Florida, delinquency includes anyone under the age of 18 who has been charged with a crime.

    More common crimes include:

    When your child has been charged with a crime in Okaloosa County, he or she will likely be processed and evaluated at the Okaloosa County Juvenile Assessment Center after they have been arrested. Once the assessment is completed, your child will either be released to their home or placed in a secure detention center.

    This can be a very frightening time for your son or daughter. It can leave you wondering where to turn. Know that Jay Patel, a highly-qualified juvenile defense attorney will go to work for you right away.

    He understands the Florida criminal justice system and how it works inside and out. Once your child is released or detained, there will be a hearing in front of a judge, followed by judicial proceedings. Circuit courts in Florida hold jurisdiction for all juvenile cases. There is no option for a jury trial in juvenile court. If your child’s case goes before the judge, their innocence or guilt will be determined solely by that judge.

    Juveniles do have the advantage of a speedy trial by law in Florida, and your child’s trial will usually take place within 90 days of their arrest. Dealing with all the paperwork and working out how to proceed is best left to an experienced juvenile defense attorney.

    How Juvenile and Adult Cases Differ and Their Consequences

    The system that is set up for juveniles in Florida is vastly different from the criminal justice system set up for adults. This is important to keep in mind when searching for a juvenile defense lawyer. The most important thing to look for is someone that has a lot of experience working within the juvenile court system.

    As long as the juvenile crime is not of a heinous nature, adults typically face harsher sentences when compared to juveniles. It is very common for a child to receive probation, or rehabilitation as their sentence, rather than being sentenced to jail or other adult sanctions. You will want to find the best juvenile defense lawyer you can, to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

    Each juvenile court case is unique. The court will take into account the age of the person being charged, amongst other factors. A juvenile’s prior criminal history, how remorseful they are about the crime they have committed, how serious the crime itself is, and the family life of the defendant, are all taken into consideration.

    Some juvenile cases are dismissed by the courts. An experienced juvenile defense attorney will lay out the best options for your son or daughter, and some of which could result in the case being thrown out. Young people often do things without thinking, or they are in the company of others who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Then, they are drawn into a bad situation. An experienced juvenile defense attorney can relay this information to the judge in a meaningful way.

    Jay Patel Will Be By Your Side

    The consequences of juvenile crimes can often be devastating. Aside from ruining any immediate chance for college or sports advancements, being charged with a juvenile crime can result in placement in a secure facility, probation, or house arrest.

    Probation means there are certain criteria that your son or daughter will have to meet each week or each month. There may be community service or paying restitution to compensate the victims for financial damages. There may also be court-mandated counseling for anger management or drug or alcohol use. In addition, there could be curfews and mandatory drug testing.

    Juvenile crimes are serious. If your son or daughter is caught in an unfortunate circumstance where they are arrested for a juvenile crime, turn to a juvenile defense attorney who has years of experience in working criminal and juvenile defense cases. Let Jay Patel be your guide through a most challenging moment in your child’s life. Time is of the essence, so make that call today.

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