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As in other states, domestic violence is unfortunately very common in Florida. Many arrests are made yearly over domestic violence. While the majority of these cases are family-related, false accusations can and often do arise once an emotionally charged situation has passed. In times like these, you need to equip yourself with a qualified domestic violence attorney.

Jay Patel will represent any individual who has been arrested for or charged with domestic violence in Okaloosa County and Walton County. He understands the emotional nature of such charges and how complex they tend to be. He also knows you are facing a very challenging situation if domestic charges are brought against you.

At times like these, you need straightforward answers, competent legal counsel, and a domestic violence lawyer who has worked in this field of law many times before. As an experienced domestic violence attorney, Jay Patel will provide you with honest legal counsel and will be dedicated to representing you with a defense customized around your unique circumstances.

What is Domestic Violence in Florida?

In Florida, the legal definition of domestic violence is when one person intentionally harms or attempts to cause bodily injury to a family member or member of the household. To be charged with the crime of domestic violence, the alleged victim must be a current or previous “household member” to the defendant or accused.

Who is Considered a “Household Member”?

    *Family or household members must be currently residing or have past resided together in the same single dwelling.

    Types of Domestic Violence

    There are 4 types of domestic violence with which you may be charged:

    Penalties For Domestic Violence

    Penalties in Florida for domestic violence or abuse are severe. If you are charged with such a crime, seek out a domestic violence lawyer immediately. Once you are arrested for a domestic violence crime, an injunction (also known as a restraining order) can be taken out against you, and you could lose the right to visit with your children temporarily as well as a host of other penalties. A criminal domestic violence conviction involves a minimum 10 day jail time, hefty fines, probation, and 26 week Batterer’s Intervention Program. None of this is to be taken lightly, which is why it is so important to align yourself with an experienced domestic violence attorney.

    Domestic violence charges can also include other criminal offenses, including:

    Charges brought for domestic violence in Florida are:

    We Can Help You with Your Domestic Violence Charges

    If you have been charged with domestic violence, your world might seem unsettled right now, but with a competent domestic violence attorney in your corner, everything possible will be done to secure your future.

    You may no longer have a clear picture in your mind of how the whole situation escalated. Right now, all you want is for the whole thing to go away. Domestic violence lawyers will work to establish a timeline, as well as a defense, to prove your innocence in court.

    According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, approximately 10 million women and men are victims of domestic assault each year. There is always plenty of press and airtime given to such charges, but there are also individuals who face false charges. It is the job of a reputable domestic violence injunctions lawyer like Jay Patel to prove what happened and to protect the innocent.

    Never Underestimate the Importance of an Experienced Florida Domestic Violence Attorney

    When you have been accused of domestic violence, finding the right domestic violence lawyer can mean the difference between being sent to jail or prison, or going home to enjoy your freedom. Not all domestic violence attorneys are the same and results vary widely.

    There are specific points a domestic violence attorney will consider, including:

    • Is the evidence enough? Does the state really have enough evidence against you? Did you make any statements to law enforcement? Is there a 911 tape?
    • Was there a change in the story or the resolution? Was the incident exaggerated? Has the victim recanted their story? Has this ever happened before? Does the victim have a reason to lie?
    • Is there medical evidence? Are there witnesses? Did the victim seek out medical treatment? Will nurses or doctors testify? Were you taking medications that could have prompted an adverse reaction in you?

    Domestic violence cases can be very real or very false. Often accusations are taken back, and facts turn out to be distorted. False accusations can be made in order to manipulate the system. This is especially true when there is a divorce and when partners are fighting over child custody. A domestic violence attorney will see these types of charges brought all the time.

    Jay Patel is a widely-known and respected member of the legal profession in Okaloosa and Walton counties. He has successfully handled criminal appeals and is devoted to litigation with a focus on criminal defense. He understands how to successfully obtain a dismissal of charges against you.

    When you find yourself facing domestic violence charges, you do not have to feel defenseless. Let Jay Patel guide you to your best defense. He has worked on both sides of the law and is well versed in how courts and law enforcement work. The first thing to do is contact Jay for a free consultation. Find out how he can help you today.